The following synthesizers, sound modules, interfaces, organs, pianos, brass, FX and accessories are used during the AusDisciples Band recordings featured on

Minimoog Voyager – Electric Blue Edition analog synthesizer
Modular analog synthesizer consisting of:
Q106 oscillator
Q107 state variable filter
Q109 envelope generator
This is the beginning of a large work in progress!

System 100 analog synthesizer/step sequencer
System 700 custom modded analog step sequencer
System 8 ACB Synthesizer
2 x JP-08 synthesizers
Juno 6 custom modded analog synthesizer
Juno 106 analog synthesizer
JX-3P analog synthesizer with PG200 programmer and Inque MIDI mod
SH-09 custom modded analog synthesizer
V-Drums TD20 expanded / TD12 custom drum kit with V Expressions packs

SY77 custom modded digital AFM/AWM workstation synthesizer
DX7 Mk1 custom modded digital FM synthesizer
TX802 digital FM synthesizer
KX-8 88 note weighted MIDI keyboard
DGX-630 digital grand piano (mainly used for rehearsal and composing)
NP-31 Piano (as MIDI controller)
YTR2320s trumpet (listen for trumpet solo and harmonies in ‘Day of the LORD’)
GC1 baby grand piano (can be heard at the end of ‘Lion of Judah’)

Mirage DSK-8 digital sampling keyboard

2 x 9922K organ / Leslie speaker

Antique (180 years old) upright piano (listen for it on ‘Time is Up!’ and ‘Rain on me Again’)

Geo P Bent (Crown Organ)
Antique (120 years old) Harmonium/Reed organ

MidiGAL MIDI signal processor – Used primarily for spreading polyphony over the two Roland JP08 synthesizers

Tonalcolor cup / straight trumpet mute signed by James Morrison (used on Day of the LORD)

Customized Road Series Strat copy electric guitar

SR400 bass guitar

AE125vs Acoustic guitar

Sound Devices
744T portable four track audio recorder with timecode

SSG192 HD studio sync generator

Blue Ripple Sound
TOA and O3A Core, Upmixers and Decoding Ambisonic plugins

Diva VSTi synthesizer
Bazille VSTi modular synthesizer
Zebra2 VSTi modular synthesizer
Hive VSTi synthesizer
Repro VSTi synthesizer (Repro 1 & 5)
Uhbik Uhbiquitous FX bundle

MJUC VST variable-tube compressor
VUMT Deluxe VST analog style metering & channel tools

Full Bucket Music & CrimsonWarlock AKA TechnoGremlin
Ragnarok VSTi performance/lead synthesizer

Night Flight VSTi string synthesizer
Wow and Flutter VST (used for tape flanging FX on ‘No More Pain’)

Native Instruments
Komplete 11 Ultimate instruments and effects

Electric 200 VSTi Wurlitzer 200A electric piano
F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ
Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter
SuperTap – multitap delay
C4 multiband compressor
GTR guitar amp simulator
IR1/IRL convolution reverb
LoAir subharmonic generator
Morphoder vocoder
Nx virtual mix room over headphones
Renaissance Bass bass enhancement
TrueVerb algorithmic reverb
UM225/226 stereo to surround upmixer
Musicians 2 plugin bundle

Plugin Alliance
bx_bassdude VST guitar amp simulator
bx_bluechorus2 VST chorus pedal
bx_control V2 Control Listening Tool & M/S Matrix
bx_greenscreamer The Famous Screaming Tube Pedal in Plugin Form
bx_megasingle VST guitar amp simulator
bx_rockrack V3 Player VST guitar amp simulator
bx_limiter VST peak limiter
bx_opto Pedal VST opto compressor
bx_cleansweep V2 VST high/lowpass filter
bx_solo VST mid/side processor
bx_subfilter Sculpt, Tighten and Punch Up Your Sub
bx_tuner Tune Up Quickly & Accurately, Then Hit Record
bx_yellowdrive Classic Yellow Overdrive Tone in a Plugin
elysia niveau filter VST frequency balancing tool
Noveltech Character VST intelligent enhancer
SPL Attacker Punch Up Attacks w/ Transient Designer Technology
SPL De-Verb Reduce Reverb & Room Tone Quickly & Easily
SPL Mo-Verb Plus Extend Room Tone/Reverb with a Single Knob
SPL Transient Designer Plus The Indispensable Transient Tool Improved
SPL Free Ranger VST equalizer
Unfiltered Audio Instant Delay Instant Gratification. Always on Time.
Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro The Swiss Army Knife of Delays

IK Multimedia
Apeg SVX VST Bass amp/cab emulator

Superior Drummer 2 VSTi (used with Roland V-Drums)
Custom and Vintage drum expansion
Twisted Kit drum expansion

VB3 VSTi Hammond organ and Leslie cabinet/amp

BlueARP VST arpeggiator

Nora VST arpeggiator

Wolfgang Krumme
Simp Arp VST arpeggiator

Tiny Pops – Korg Minipops VSTi drum emulator

Arts Acoustic
Big Rock – Electro Harmonix VST Small Stone emulator

Acon Digital
Multiply – Spatial VST chorus

Rebirth RB-338 (original 2.01 version used on ‘Visions of Eden’ and ‘Aurora Flight’)

Quad MIDI-CV converter

Room – VST reverb
VintageVerb – VST reverb
Shimmer – VST reverb
UberMod modulated delay VST

Variety of Sound
NastyDLA MkII – VST vintage delay

Music Production Bundle 2 VST suite
RX 6 Advanced VST audio repair suite

T.C. Electronic
D-Two Delay

PCM 41 Delay

Lead Amplug
AC30 Amplug

CM Labs
Sixty Four programmable 32×32 channel router/patch bay

Fireface UFX recording interface

2 x ADA8200 AD/DA 8 channel converters with Midas preamps

Onyx 1640 and 1620 Firewire mixing desks (the 1620 has now been sold)

1204 custom modded mixing desk

NT2a microphones x 2

C414eb (CK12 gold & brass capsule) microphone
C451e microphone
K240 Monitor studio monitor headphones

DT 1990 PRO studio reference mixing and mastering headphones
A20 discreet output headphone amplifier


Topten Software
Cantabile Plugin Host for Live Performance

Digidesign (now Avid)
ProTools DAW
Digi002r recording interface
Digi001 recording interface (early recordings)
M Box 2 Pro recording interface

AD Acoustics
Custom studio monitors – 3 way quadraphonic and 5.2 surround configuration
(Built using custom crossovers, ribbon tweeters and the Auratone and Crown speakers mentioned below)

Dual concentric center channel monitor (for 5.2 surround monitoring)

Auratone & ElectroVoice
5C Cube studio monitors x 8 (in 3D Ambisonic cube array) with 2x Electrovoice TL606DW subwoofer cabinets (4x EV DL15W 15 inch drivers). Shown here with their horns (which I am not using) and my bass guitar

ES-212 bass cabinets x 2 (for stereo, quadraphonic and 5.2 bass reproduction)
PZM microphones (ambient recording on ‘Visions of Eden’)

NV-DX1 3CCD DV video camera (used for ambient audio recording on ‘Visions of Eden’)

AD Acoustics
Custom portable two channel mic preamp (used with DX1 DV camera for ambient audio recording on ‘Visions of Eden’)
Custom PZM microphone

StudioTube guitar preamp (used on ‘Aurora Flight’ guitar solo)

9150 Valve DSP tube preamp (fed into Hammond 9922K Leslie cabinet for ‘Secret Place’)

RX-V1800 amplifier
RX-V690 amplifier
P2200 amplifier

Mac G4 ProTools DAW computer (early recordings)

Vaio Duo 11 DAW computer

Custom built i7 7700K Intel quad core DAW computer
Custom built Q9450 Intel quad core DAW computer
Custom built AMD computer (early recordings)
Early studio photo of older computers

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