Under the Fig Tree

Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward him and said, “This man coming is a true Israelite, one you can trust.” Nathanael asked, “How do you know me?” Jesus answered, “I saw you when you were under the fig tree, before Philip told you about me.” Then Nathanael said, “Teacher, you are the Son of God. You are the King of Israel.” Jesus said to him, “Do you believe this just because I said I saw you under the fig tree? You will see much greater things than that!” Then he said, “Believe me when I say that you will all see heaven open. You will see ‘angels of God going up and coming down’ on the Son of Man.
John 1:47-51 ERV.

From my post on the REAPER audio forum:

This is a short improvised instrumental piece using just two instruments, Wurlitzer A200 E-Piano and Music Man Bass Guitar. Unlike most of my tracks, this one is actually under five minutes long.

Given that I am no master on bass (I can play bass reasonably well but not to the level you hear on this track), I played the bass part using the Scarbee MM Bass library in Kontakt 5 which is absolutely astounding with its scripting and sounds very authentic.
I also used the Scarbee A200 library for the Wurli piano too.

I recently purchased Lounge Lizard EP4 which sounds good and has plenty of control for tweaking the sound but I have to say, IMHO, it doesn’t beat the Scarbee samples for authenticity. One thing Lounge Lizard does have is very nice playability and great dynamic range. Regardless, I ended up settling on the Scarbee instrument for this track.

Reverb is Valhalla Vintage Verb.
Delay is VoS NastyDLA MkII pre-modulated with Arts Acoustic Big Rock.
Recorded in REAPER.

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