Useful resources related to the history and creation of synth music. – Modular analog synthesizers.
Moog Music – No website about synthesizers would be complete without mention of Moog.
Korg – Another legend in the synth world.
Roland – Makers of the mighty System 700 and System 100 vintage analog synths.
Roland Synth Chronicle 1973 to 2014 – History of Roland synths.
Yamaha Synth Chonology – DX7, SY77, CS80… what more needs to be said!!
Vintage Synth Explorer – Information about practically every synth ever made! – Zebra, Diva, Ace and Bazille: four VSTi synths that are a MUST HAVE!
Ragnarok – Very cool VSTi performance/lead synth by Full Bucket Music & CrimsonWarlock AKA TechnoGremlin. Free too! – The best Digital Audio Workstation software hands down!
ReaDave REAPER resources – My personal REAPER resource page (download my REAPER theme).
KVR Forum – Lively community of audio, music and synth enthusiasts. – Very cool and very affordable vst delay plugin.
Valhalla DSP – Must have, very high quality reverb and delay VSTs – very affordable too!
Inque Organix – JX3P MIDI expansion kit (expand the capabilities of your Roland JX3P).
Analogue Renaissance – High quality 80017A replacement chips for Roland Juno 106 synth.
Variety of Sound – Some of the best free VSTs around.
The Interruptor – Makers of Night Flight String Ensemble VST (brilliant Eminent 310u emulation).
Arts Acoustic – You HAVE to have their Big Rock phaser if you like the ElectroHarmonix Small Stone!
SuperWave – Makers of my favourite Korg Minipops drum emulation VST.
Organ Service Company – Spare parts and service manuals for Hammond organs.

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